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Hydrangea Paintings

As part of my independent study with the Compass Atelier school in Rockville, I began a series of paintings that sprang from a charcoal drawing that I had done for class homework.
I used my drawing as source material for Hydrangea 1. Then I used Hydrangea 1 as source material for Hydrangea 2.

In other words, I never went back to the original still life or its photo, and with each new undertaking I tried experimenting with varying degrees of realism/abstraction, order/chaos.

The paintings are presented in the order in which they were executed.

I used different techniques:

  • Direct painting with a toned canvas, based on a charcoal drawing on the canvas (1 and 2);
  • Baroque imprimatura (8);
  • Monoprint underpaintings with a semi-abstract painting on top (6 and 7);
  • Unplanned compositions, conceived, painted and/or rubbed in directly on the canvas (3, 4 and 5).

My goal was not necessarily to produce a painting, though if one or two of them work, that's gravy. Rather my goal was to begin the long road to figuring out what kind of a painter I want to be.
Hydrangea: Study in Black and WhiteHydrangea 1Hydrangea 2Hydrangea 3Hydrangea 4Hydrangea 5Hydrangea 6Hydrangea 7SOLD Hydrangea 8

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